Services Available

The patients consulting us have a detailed personal consultation, go through an expert dental examination, if necessary an X-ray examination before the necessary treatment is started.
By this time fear and tension have usually vanished. Being aware of what is going to happen and why yields the necessary cooperation between patient and dentist. Our patients’ active and conscious participation in the treatment creates a qualitatively new situation. The appointment system minimizes waiting time.

Ambulant oral surgery

  • Tooth and root extraction
  • root resection
  • wisdom tooth removal
  • artificial tooth root implantation

Periodontal therapy

  • Calculus removal, complex oral hygiene treatment

Dental restoration treatment, conservative dentistry

  • aesthetic fillings
  • root canal treatment, root filling
  • tooth whitening

Protetical treatments

  • removable partial and full dentures
  • fixed partial and full dentures
  • ceramic-on-metal prostheses
  • ceramic-on-ceramic prostheses

Preventive treatments

  • Pit and fissure sealing, aminfluoride treatment